July 27, 2012

The old photo: Haga princesses and Princess Sibylla

July 23, 2012

Get Princess Madeleines bracelet

Just stumbled across a site that sells bracelets like Princess Madeleine wore the other day.

Link to the site. Please note I am not affiliated with the bracelet makers in any way.

William and Kate

Image courtesy Honestly wtf

Crown Princess Mary at Graasten

Wearing a dress from Free People

I am not affiliated with Free People.

July 18, 2012

Mary's multicolored "Ao Dai" dress

You all remember Mary's multicolored outfit from the other day?

The outfits worn by Mary and Queen Margrethe (see picture below) are traditional Vietnamese costumes called Ao Dai. They were ordered by Mary and Margrethe back in 2009 when they visited Vietnam. The designer is Sio Hoang

Mary is also wearing earrings from JEWLSCPH.

7 Great Royal Themed Sites You Should Read

Let me confess: I am a big fan of all things royal and I am always on the lookout for new and interesting royal themed blogs and internet sites. Some sites I check daily and others even multiple times a day. I want to share with you the blogs and sites I have found to be most interesting and most unique. Lets begin:

1. The Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor

If you are a royal enthusiast like myself you are probably familiar with this blog by now. This blog just has it all; frequent updates, great quality articles about day to day activities of royals from all over the world. Humor and the bloggers own opinions get thrown in the mix and it just works! I find myself checking this blog out many times a day and even sometimes when I'm bored I just browse through old posts about fabulous tiaras or reports of royal weddings in the past. If you are a royal enthusiast this is a blog you can't miss!

2. Johanna's Royal Fashion Blog

Johanna is a Swedish journalist working for the Swedish women's Magazine Svensk Damtidning. Like the name suggests she blogs about outfits spotted on royal ladies of the world and anything related to fashion and  royals. The blog is in Swedish but you can use Google translate to be able to read what the always spot on Johanna blogs about.

3. My Royals

My Royals is a photo blog updated pretty frequently and it always has some good quality photos of daily royal events. It is definitely worth checking out.

Update: The blog has been moved here!

4. Prinsesses Watchers

Princesses Watchers is a fashion blog in French (use Google Translate). The main reason I like this blog is that it is always spot on in revealing the brands of the outfits worn by the princesses of Europe. If you are looking for some royal fashion inspiration you should head over to this blog right now!

5. Min

This blog is by a Norwegian girl called Sonia. Again, this blog is in Norwegian so I use Google translate to read it. Even though this blog wouldn't be categorized as a royal themed blog she sometimes has interesting posts that are related to the topic. To name one, she posted this amazing article on late Princess Diana. Check it out now!

6. What Kate Wore

I can't make a best of Royal theme list without mentioning the ever popular Kate Middleton. Or should I say Duchess Catherine? What Kate Wore is a fashion blog tribute to Kate Middleton outfits and accessories. If you are a fan of Kate's style you should check this blog out and you won't be let down.

7. Billed Bladet

Billed Bladet is a Danish magazine with a royal theme. I like to check this site for news on the Danish Royal family. It is updated often and the one thing I like in particular about this site is their Q&A section where you get to ask their royal specialist anything you like.

What are your favorite blogs on the topic?

Then and now: Princess Christina of Sweden

Princess Christina of Sweden, formerly known as one of the "Haga Princesses" is one of King Carl XVI Gustaf's older sisters.



Two Royal engagements in Sweden?

Chris O'Neill, Prince Daniel, Princess Madeleine, Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Carl Philip and Sofia Hellquist

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden turned 35 years old July 14th. In her honor a concert was held in Öland Sweden where artists such as Loreen appeared. Like you can see on these photos the princesses of Sweden and their brother the prince all had a really good time with their significant others. Speculations about whether engagement for Princess Madeleine and Chris O'Neill and Prince Carl Philip and Sofia Hellquist are in sight have surfaced as a result of Chris' and Sofias appearance with the royal siblings on Victorias day.

Chris O'Neill and Sofia Hellquist at Princess Estelles christening

The fact that both Chris O'Neill and Sofia Hellquist were invited to Princess Estelles christening in May only support the speculators who are certain that two royal engagements are coming up soon. Will we see two royal engagements in Sweden this year? What do you think? Who will be the first to announce their engagement? Princess Madeleine or Prince Carl Philip?

July 17, 2012

Princess Elisabeth von Thurn and Taxis

Isn't this just a little bit TOO MUCH information...

Royal court of Sweden releases app

Now you can go to app store and download an app which will guide you through the royal gardens and palaces in Sweden. It also provides all information you would need when visiting The Royal palace.

If the link doesn't work try searching for "kungliga slotten" in app store.

July 14, 2012

July 13, 2012

Kate Middleton pregnant?

Speculations whether Kate Middleton is pregnant have been thrown by British Vogue recently. Up until now most speculations about Kate being pregnant have been made by American gossip magazines but British Vogue is said to be a more "reliable" source when it comes to speculations of this kind.

The British Court has neither denied nor confirmed that Kate Middleton is pregnant.
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