October 30, 2012

The Old Photo: Crown Prince Frederik and Princess Ingrid

Crown Prince Frederik, Later King Frederik of Denmark and Princess Ingrid of Sweden, later Queen Ingrid on board Queen Alexandrine in 1938

What a hair!

Way to go Princess Letizia

October 29, 2012

Princess Madeleine's wedding dress?

Princess Madeleine of Sweden is one of my all time Favorite royal ladies. I remember seeing pictures of her in my grandmothers magazines as a ten year old and drooling over her dresses and later her tiaras and bling bling. I have followed her ever since I was a ten year old and saw her pictures in those magazines.

I am already speculating and wondering what kind of dress Madeleine will go for on her big day next summer. I am also wondering if she will at all have bridesmaids. I wonder if she will break the family tradition and not go for the Cameo tiara. What do you think?

I found old photos of Madeleine wearing a light pink bridesmaids dress from Twink. I think this pink color looks so good on her but I am guessing she will opt for white or ivory on her big day.

Princess Madeleine a bridesmaid

I found this old video clip of Madeleine since she was a bridesmaid for her friend Charlotte Kreuger back in 2008. This was when she was still dating Jonas Bergström and he also attended the wedding.

It will be fun to see who Madeleine will choose for her bridesmaids. Maybe we will get to see little Princess Estelle as a bridesmaid.

Get Kate Middleton's Engagement ring!

Now you can have your own "Princess Di"/"Kate Middleton" ring. The one I link to above  is of really good quality and I really love mine. Just be sure to select the right size.

October 25, 2012

Princess Madeleine's engagement dress

A closer look at Princess Madeleine's engagement ring

Chris O'Neill proposed to Madeleine at the beginning of October. This is a picture of her engagement ring.

Update December 2012: Madeleine at the Nobel festivities in 2012:

Update 25.3.2013: Madeleine uploaded a photo to her Facebook account where we can see the ring from a different angle:

Update 14th July 2014: A closeup of the ring and wedding band below

A royal engagement: Princess Madeleine and Chris O'Neill

In the Video below, that was shot at Drottningholm Palace in Sweden on October 24th 2012, Princess Madeleine says: "Today, me and Chris are really happy to announce that we are engaged to be married. Chris proposed to me at the beginning of October and we are really happy." Chris then goes on to say: "Madeleine and I have known each other for the past two years and I recently summoned up the courage to ask her to marry me. Thankfully she said yes! I am also learning a little Swedish" Then he says in Swedish "I am learning Swedish, but it is difficult." Madeleine continues: "The wedding will take place next summer and we are really looking forward to it." For more info visit

October 21, 2012

Moncler: A Princess's Favorite

Isabella of Denmark has a Moncler vest
Prince Christian of Denmark

Madeleine has several Moncler jackets

Crown Princess Mette-Marit wearing a Moncler jacket

Princess Madeleine wearing a Moncler jacket

Princess Caroline of Hanover wearing a Moncler jacket

Get Caroline's sausage dog leash!
Crown Princess Mary wearing a Moncler jacket

Crown Princess Mary wearing a Moncler vest

Princess Mabel wearing Moncler jacket

Updated February 2014: Charlotte Casiraghi is a fan of the brand, like her mother and sister, and has several of their jackets. She was spotted on a stroll with Gad Elmaleh and baby Raphael in Gstaad. Of course she was wearing Moncler.

The Danish Royal Twins have even been seen wearing Moncler!

Update April 2015: Princess Isabella of Denmark wore a Moncler jacket the morning of her grandmothers 75th birthday

Victoria the thrifty recycler

You've probably noticed by now what CP Victoria wore to the Lux wedding this weekend: her 2010 nobel prize dress and her YSL sandal heels.

Vikkan at the Luxemburg wedding this weekend. Wearing her 2010 Nobel Prize dress.
The famous YSL sandals
What I want to know on the other hand is what in the gods name is she wearing on her head? I can't decide wether I'm a fan or not. What are your thoughts?

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