December 29, 2013

The Royal ladies of Sweden share clothes and accessories

Queen Silvia, Princess Madeleine and Crown Princess Victoria lend each other clothes and accessories for special occasions, this has been the case for a long time. Sofia Hellqvist has also been lent clothes and accessories by Victoria which is a strong indicator she has been accepted into the royal family.

By Malina black fur bolero
This black fur bolero from By Malina has been worn frequently by both Madeleine and Victoria. A fun fact: By Malina is a popular fashion brand by Malin Andrén who is Stephanie af Klercker's best friend. Stephanie af Klercker is Jonas Bergström's current wife and Madeleine's ex-fiance. 

Moschino jacket
Madeleine and Silvia have both worn this jacket by Moschino publicly.

White fur jacket by Roberto Cavalli

Madeleine was first seen wearing this fur jacket by Roberto Cavalli in 2006. In December 2013 Queen Silvia and Princess Madeleine were seen wearing it on separate occasions.

Elsa jacket from By Malina

Victoria was kind enough to lend Sofia Hellqvist her By Malina Elska jacket when they attended the wedding between Gustaf Magnusson and Vicky Andrén in the summer of 2013. Gustaf Magnusson is son of Princess Christina who is King Carl Gustaf's older sister.

Bracelet by Lara Bohinc

Lara Bohinc is a popular brand among Madeleine and Victoria. They have both been spotted wearing their accessories. Victoria has at least one pair of earrings by them, two bracelets and one belt.
Earrings by Maria Nilsdotter
These leaf earrings by Maria Nilsdotter were first seen on Victoria in late 2011 and she has been seen wearing them many times. The most recent time she wore them publicly was in September 2013 when she attended the wedding of Martina Gahn and Carl Liska. Sofia Hellqvist wore the same earrings in June 2013 to Madeleine and Chris' rehearsal dinner the day before their wedding so in all likely-hood they are Victoria's and she lent them to Sofia.

YSL sandals

These sandals by YSL have been worn by Victoria many times but once they were seen on Madeleine.

Princess Madeleine's most recent bag

Madeleine's most recent bag is Celine Phantom Luggage tote in black suede

December 20, 2013

Princess Madeleine is in Sweden

December 01, 2013

Pauline Ducruet loves Givenchy

Pauline Ducruet, Princess Stephanie of Monaco's daughert is quite the fashionista. Here shes holding her black braided Givenchy Lucrezia bag.

November 25, 2013

Get Princess Caroline's sausage dog leash

Princess Caroline takes her dogs out for a walk in a cool sausage dog leash. Do you like it?
It's available for only $10.00

Fancy a sausage dog leash of your own? Get it here!

November 17, 2013

10 Christmas Gift ideas for Royal-enthusiasts

Since the Holidays are just around the corner I decided to put together a little guide to Christmas gifts for Royal-enthusiasts. Whether you are looking for gift ideas for a friend or family member or simply want to treat yourself you should be able to find something in this guide. If not, I hope you'll be inspired and entertained.

1. Tickets to "Fashion Rules" the exhibition at Kensington Palace. 

If you want to see some of the dresses that belonged to Princess Diana, Princess Margaret and Her Majesty the Queen this is something for you. Tickets start at £12.40.

2. The Coronation Necklace

The Coronation Necklace is a replica of the necklace George VI gave to Elizabeth (later the Queen mother) to commemorate their coronation. The pricetag: £200.00 If you are looking for a cheaper option you might want to go with Queen Elizabeth's II coronation necklace.

3. Diana's choker

When Diana got engaged to Prince Charles she was given a 20 carat sapphire brooch by Queen Elizabeth II. Diana later added rows of pearl to the brooch so it could be worn as a choker. A replica of the choker can be found here and it's yours for only £95.00

Princess Diana wearing her sapphire choker

4. A Silk Tie with Christian IV's monogram

Elegant, navy silk tie with Christian IV's monogram that any male royal enthusiast would be happy to receive as a Christmas present. Get it here! Price: approximately £35.00

5. A portrait of your favorite royal.

All Posters offers a variety of quality posters. Browse their collection and you should be able to find a poster of your favorite royal. Whether you fancy a portrait of Queen Elizabeth, The Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Diana, Princess Grace of Monaco or Marie Antoinette you are bound to find it at All Posters. Prices vary. 

6. A magazine subscription

Nothing beats the excitement of receiving a fresh copy of your favorite magazine. There are way to few magazines in the world that cover the topic of royals and all that comes with it. However, there are a few good ones I am fond of. Unfortunately they are not all in English but you could always make it your new years resolution to learn a new language ;) The magazines in no particular order:

Prices vary.

7. Books, books, books!

There are so many great, interesting books available for those who consider themselves royal-enthusiasts and the topics are almost endless: Biographies, history, royal jewels and so on and so on. There are a few ways to decide which book to give your royal-enthusiast (more on that later) but I have decided to list a few noteworthy books I find interesting. You can use the following as a guide or inspiration to find the perfect book to give your royal-enthusiast.

Dressing the Queen: The Jubilee Wardrobe

This is a book that was published earlier this year and is like the name suggests, about the Queens wardrobe. The author, Angela Kelly, a designer and dressmaker has been a personal assistant to Queen Elizabeth since 2002. In the book she describes the process of deciding on an outfit for the queen, designing it, picking out materials, the making of the outfit and what jewelry to pick and present to the queen. The book has a lot of quality photos and makes a nice coffee table book. Price: approximately $28.75

The Queen's Diamonds

Ah Diamonds! If you are a regular reader of The Queens Jewel Vault this book might be something for you. Price: $75.54

Queen Victoria's Granddaughters 1860-1918

Something for those interested in history. I have not read this one yet but it has good rating on Amazon. Check Amazon for reviews. Price: $17.70

Of course, this is just an example of the books that are available. Please browse Amazon or your local bookstore for more books.

8. The Childhood bracelet

Whether you are male or female you have to have the classic Childhood bracelet. Madeleine has one, Chris O'Neill has one, Crown Princess Victoria has one and even Queen Silvia has one. Get it here! Price: approximately $45 for a pack of 3 bracelets.

The Childhood bracelet in silver from Sophie by Sophie
If you want to be a little more extravagant get the fancy version from Sophie by Sophie. Queen Silvia has one and also Madeleine and Victoria. Price: approximately $165.

9. A winter jacket

Do like Madeleine, Mette-Marit, Mary, Märtha-Louise and Mabel and keep warm during winter in a winter jacket by Moncler. Prices vary.

10. A watch

If you like Madeleine's Triwa watches you should head on over to Triwa's website and browse their collection. They have a variety of beautiful, stylish pieces suitable for both men and women. Prices vary.

November 16, 2013

Hugo Boss and Felipe Varela for Letizia in USA

Letizia's top is by her favorite designer: Felipe Varela

Hugo Boss is the designer of Letizia's black and white dress

Victorias dress is by Zara

Crown princess Victoria wearing a dress by Zara, November 2013

I had earlier put up a blog post about the blue and red checkered/plaid dress Victoria was seen wearing the other day. I thought it was Gant since it was very much like their style and I found one strikingly similar to the one Victoria was wearing. However, thanks to a comment from a  loyal reader (thanks again) I am now able to show you that the dress is indeed by Zara.

November 15, 2013

Victoria wearing Gant?

Victoria wearing what seems to be a dress by Gant. The color and pattern are not identical to the one on the right but they are pretty similar. Any other ideas? Please comment below.
16 November update: Victoria, a loyal reader, left a comment for us saying that the dress is by Zara. 

Victoria in by Malene Birger Fall/Winter 2010

 This might be old news to some but the other day Victoria recycled an "old" dress we have seen her wear before. The dress is from the Fall/Winter 2010 collection of By Malene Birger. What is interesting here is that before we ever saw Victoria wear this dress Mary of Denmark was seen wearing the same dress in white in June 2010 when she attended the pre-wedding celebrations of Victoria and Daniel.

Victoria wearing by Malene Birger in November 2013

Mary wearing by Malene Birger in June 2010 at Victoria and Daniels pre-wedding celebrations 

November 12, 2013

Queen Margrethe of Denmark in Iceland

Arriving at Bessastadir, the presidential residence in Iceland

Greeted by the president of Iceland, HE Olafur Ragnar Grimsson

Bjarni Benediktsson, Minister of finance and economic affairs, arriving at Bessastadir

Photos: Golli/Kjartan Thorbjornsson

November 11, 2013

Princess Madeleine's baby bump

Princess Madeleine's pregnant belly is already starting to show on her and it is so cute. Suits her well. She was spotted taking a stroll with hubby Chris O'Neill in New York in November. See more here!


November 10, 2013

Michael Kors for Maxima?

I am dying to know whether Maximas blue houndstooth dress is actually by Michael Kors or not. Michael Kors fall/winter 2013-2014 has a few garments in the same blue houndstooth pattern as Maximas dress. Although I didn't succeed in finding the exact same dress that Maxima wore, I was able to spot what seems to be a skirt (or a dress under a sweater). It could be the same dress as Maxima wore since the lenght seems to be the same and there is an opening in the back on both dresses. What do you think?

Maxima in Russia, wearing what seems to be a Michael Kors dress

If you look closely the dress has an opening in the back

The Michael Kors dress also has an opening in the back so I am guessing Maximas dress is by Michael Kors

Here is the look on the runway

November 07, 2013

Stella McCartney for Victoria

Crown princess Victoria is in London with her husband, Prince Daniel, these days. She was spotted wearing a black and white striped dress by the talented Stella McCartney. The dress is vertically striped in the front and horizontally striped in the back. Very cute, very fashionable and Victoria looks stunning as ever.

November 06, 2013

Princess Madeleine's Cartier bracelet

It seems as though Princess Madeleine needed a replacement for her Love bracelet she used to wear when she was going out with Jonas Bergström. She now wears the Juste un Clou nail bracelet by Cartier.

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