July 30, 2013

Princess Madeleine's latest bag: A Goyard

Princess Christian and Princess Isabella of Denmark

Prince Christian of Denmark wearing a Ralph Lauren polo

Princess Isabella of Denmark, wearing a dress by Pili Carrera

July 26, 2013

New photos on the Royal Twins of Denmark

Princess Josephine of Denmark holding her grandmothers hand and her mothers hand

Princess Isabella, Prince Christian and the twins: Prince Vincent og Princess Josephine

July 25, 2013

7 Royals To Follow on Social Media

1. Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway

Mette-Marit is a Princess of Norway. She is married to Prince Haakon who will one day become king of Norway.


2. Prince Andrew, The Duke of York

Prince Andrew is the son of Queen Elizabeth.

@ TheDukeOfYork

3. Princess Madeleine of Sweden

Princess Madeleine is the youngest child of the Kind and Queen of Sweden. She recently married Chris O'Neill and resides in New York.

Princess Madeleine's official Facebook page

4. Crown Princess Marie Chantal of Greece 

Marie Chantal is married to Prince Pavlos of Greece and runs her own company. She frequently posts pictures from her life on Instagram.

Instagram account

5. Princess Theodora of Greece

Theodora of Greece is an aspiring actress, living in Hollywood, CA. She is the daughter of King Constantine and Queen Anne Marie of Greece. Her maternal aunt is Queen Margrethe of Denmark and her paternal aunt is Queen Sofia of Greece. Queen Elizabeth is her god-mother.

Instagram account


5. Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece

Pavlos of Greece is son of King Constantine and Queen Anne Marie of Greece. He is married to Marie-Chantal. His sister is Theodora and Inaki is the husband of his cousin, Infanta Cristina.


6. Inaki Urdangarin

Inaki is married to Infanta Cristina who is the youngest daughter of Queen Sofia and King Juan Carlos of Spain.


7. Mike Tindall

Mike Tindall is the husband (and soon to be baby-daddy) of Zara Phillips who is daughter of Anne, Princess Royal, who's mom is the Queen of England.


Let me know if you have more we can add to the list!

HRH Prince George of Cambridge swaddled in blanket from G.H. Hurt & Sons

New photos of Sacha Casiraghi

Princess Letizia in Mango T-shirt

Princess Letizia wearing a T-shirt from Mango

Letizia's T-shirt with the caption "Last night a Blogger saved my life" is from Mango and you can get it here!

July 24, 2013

Another NATAN for Mathilde

The Princess who died in Childbirth

A new royal heir is born in Britain and the world celebrates. However childbirths in the British royal family have not always been as joyful as they are in Prince George of Cambridge's case. Almost 200 hundred years ago the British people were crushed with sorrow due to the fact that Princess Charlotte had died in childbirth. Princess Charlotte was the daughter of George IV of the United Kingdom and Princess Caroline of Brunswick and as their only child and the only legitimate child of George IV she was the heir to the throne of United Kingdom.

Princess Charlotte of Wales

Princess Charlotte later went on to marry her cousin, Leopold of Saxe-Coburg (who later became King of the Belgians). At 20 years she became pregnant and the pregnancy went well. The baby was due on 19 October 1817, however Charlotte didn't go into labor until 4 November. It was a very difficult birth and 50 hours later the princess gave birth to a stillborn son. 

Princess Charlotte was exhausted after having given birth. She was extremely cold and felt strange. The doctors tried to do anything they could for her but a few hours later she died of internal bleeding.

Investigation of the incident showed that nothing could have been done to save the Princess. In spite of that the obstetrician named Richard Croft was very upset about the Princess' and the baby's death and committed suicide three months later. 

The death of Princess Charlotte leads to Victoria becoming Queen

After Princess Charlotte's death it became clear that her uncle, William would become King. King William only had one legitimate child who died as a newborn so later Victoria, Princess Charlotte's cousin, became Queen of the United Kingdom since all her father's brothers had died leaving no legitimate surviving children.

Madeleine and Chris on the cover of Svensk Damtidning

Madeleine and Chris are featured in this weeks edition of the Swedish magazine Svensk Damtidning

July 13, 2013

Is Charlotte Casiraghi pregnant?

Update 5th August 2013: Recent photo of Charlotte indicates she might indeed be with child

Update 12th August 2013: It is clear to anyone who's seen recent pictures of Charlotte that see is expecting a baby. Below is a recent photo taken in Capri where she was on vacation with Gad Elmaleh, her fiancé and baby daddy.

Update 26th August 2013: Charlotte Casiraghi showing off her cute pregnant belly in St Tropez in late August 2013

Updated 7 November:

Update: Charlotte Casiraghi gave birth to a boy in Monaco on 17 December 2013. He has been given the name Raphaël. The baby's father and Charlottes partner is Gad Elmaleh.
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