March 31, 2014

Get the new Childhood anniversary bracelet

These days World Childhood Foundation is celebrating its 15 year anniversary. To mark the anniversary a new series of bracelets have been made available. The bracelets come in ten colors and you can choose either a silver or a rose gold version as can be seen on the photos below.


Photo: World Childhood Foundation

There are two other versions available. The regular one and the fancy one from Sophie by Sophie. The regular Childhood bracelet is very popular among Swedish celebs. Sofi and Frida Fahrman have them, Marie Serneholt, Queen Silvia, Crown Princess Victoria, Chris O'Neill, Princess Madeleine of course and so on and so on.

The anniversary bracelets are really cute. I wonder if Madeleine has one. What color would you choose?

March 28, 2014

Mary's purse: Bottega Veneta

March 25, 2014

Madeleine's stroller

Princess Madeleine and a friend in NYC with Leonore sleeping in the stroller
Madeleine is seen often out and about with her daughter Leonore in the stroller. Her stroller is from Bugaboo and can be bought here.

Madeleine's stroller

March 24, 2014

Madeleine's sneakers: Isabel Marant

Princess Madeleine was spotted in New York City recently wearing Isabel Marant sneakers.

Marie-Chantal of Greece also has a pair of Isabel Marant sneakers. She Instagrammed a photo of her sneakers a while ago.

March 21, 2014

Mette-Marit in Valentino

Mette-Marit wears Valentino heels. Madeleine also has them in the black version.

Links of London for Kate and Letizia

The Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine, has worn her Links of London Hope egg earrings since before she got engaged to Prince William. Earlier this month, Princess Letizia of Spain was seen wearing the exact same earrings on an official engagement in Spain.

March 20, 2014

Victoria's outfit in Tanzania

Victoria wore a skirt by Malene Birger, a top from H&M Conscious collection and a necklace by Charlotte Bonde

Victoria in Tanzania

Victoria was in Tanzania today and she wore this orange dress from Baum und Pferdgarten. I noticed that the pattern is the same as on this white outfit from Baum und Pferdgarten. The orange color on Victorias dress seems different because of the filter.

Photo by Jenny Fredby

March 18, 2014

Victoria's outfit in Ghana

Victorias dress is from H&M (available now through their webshop)

Her earrings are from the Swedish brand Ebba Brahe

March 17, 2014

Royal Doppelgangers

Royal Doppelgangers: Queen Anne-Marie of Greece and Queen Clarisse Renaldi of Genovia (Julie Andews)

Since I can remember I have always thought that Julie Andrews and Queen Anne-Marie are so alike especially since I saw Princess Diaries 1.

March 12, 2014

Victoria wears By Malene Birger and Efva Attling earrings

By Malene Coat and gloves and Efva Attling earrings
Today Victoria wore a coat from By Malene Birger and earrings from Efva Attling. The gloves are also from By Malene Birger - they look ridiculous with this outfit in our oppinion but all in all this outfit is not so bad. Big thanks to Lurdes who identified and messaged me.

March 10, 2014

Princess Marie-Chantal and her children in Greece

Last week Prince Pavlos and Marie-Chantal of Greece were in Greece to honor King Pauls memory on the 50 year anniversary of his death. Their children, Princess Maria Olympia (or just Olympia as she is referred to on a daily basis), Prince Constantine Alexios, Prince Achileas, Prince Odysseas and Prince Aristides also came along on the trip.

As expected Marie Chantal looked impeccable in fashionable outfits. As did the rest of her family, her daughter, Olympia looked gorgeous and wore extravagant, expensive, fashionable outfits and accesories just like her mom. The guys of the family looked dapper in suits and ties. Like any other teenagers, the oldest three of Marie-Chantal and Pavlos' kids whipped out their iPhones to share photos with their Instagram followers.

Princes Constantine and Achileas capture the moment on their iphones
Princess Olympia takes a photograph to put up on Instagram

I noticed one thing, Marie-Chantal and Olympia seem to share clothes, at least up to a certain point. Marie-Chantal wore a black coat that Olympia was also seen wearing on the same trip. This is something we see the royal ladies of Sweden do quite a lot. 

Olympia wearing the coat Marie Chantal wore earlier on the trip

Marie Chantal and Olympia both wore Céline handbags which seems to be the new it bag. Princess Madeleine has at least two and Princess Caroline also has one.

Marie-Chantal with her Celine bag

A Royal Favourite: Céline bag

Princesses Olympia of Greece, Madeleine of Sweden, Caroline of Hanover (Monaco) and Marie-Chantal of Greece all love to wear the new it by Celine in various versions. 

March 05, 2014

15 Random Little Known Facts about the Swedish Royal Family

1. Princess Madeleine's dog, Zorro, was a gift from her ex-fiance, Jonas Bergström.

2. Prince Carl Philip lives with his girlfriend Sofia Hellqvist and their dog, Siri in Sweden.

3. Sofia Hellqvist is Secretary General & Co-founder of Project Playground which was founded in 2010 and helps young adults in Africa.

4. Prince Carl Philip is a board member for Project Playground.

5. Zorro, Madeleine's dog is a Jack Russel Terrier.

Madeleine and Zorro

6. At birth princess Madeleine weighed 3340 gr. and was 49 cm long.

7. Princess Leonore weighed 3150 gr. and was 50 cm long.

8. Princess Madeleine paid a tribute to Princess Lilian, who passed away last year, at her wedding by wearing an old bracelet of hers.

9. Madeleine also paid a tribute to Lilian by naming her daughter Leonore Lilian Maria.

10. Madeleine's bachelorette party was held in Geneva, Switzerland in March 2013. She was kidnapped by her sister, Victoria, and nine other friends on Friday 8th March. They went to Geneva by flight and spent the day after skiing, shopping, eating out and having fun until they got the news of Princess Lilian's death on 10th March.

11. Until his marriage with Princess Victoria, Prins Daniel was a successful personal trainer and entrepreneur. He had his own business which he gave up before marrying the princess and taking on a supporting role as royal husband.

12. The day before Victoria and Daniel's wedding a concert was held in Stockholm in their honor. Among others the famous Swedish band, Roxette performed the song "She's got the Look".

13. Princess Estelle, Victoria's daughter is almost exactly two years older than her cousin, Princess Leonore. Princess Estelle is born 23 February 2012 and Princess Leonore is born 20 February 2014. The two princesses will in all likelyhood be really close as they get older as they will grow up knowing each other since their mothers, Victoria and Madeleine are really close, as is the whole Swedish royal family.

14. King Carl Gustaf met his future wife, Silvia Sommerlath at the Olympic Games in Munic 1972 where she was working as a translator. Four years later they were married.

15. The Swedish royal family is related to (and very close to) the Danish Royal family. Princess Ingrid was a Swedish princess and the current kings aunt. She married the heir to the Danish throne, Prince Frederik. Frederik and Ingrid, who later became King and Queen of Denmark had three daughters, Margrethe, Benedikte and Anne-Marie. Margrethe became queen of Denmark in 1972 and Princess Benedikte is Princess Madeleine's godmother. 
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